Hyperflair (Flair) White Paper



HYPERFLAIR is a multi function token, not a security.


Hyperflair is leading the way with a comprehensive NFT site on the Binance Smart Chain to attract artists, game developers and metaverse builders.


The Hyperflair Metaverse in the roadmap is to create a Hyper-verse where users can interact with NFT’s.
The Hyper-verse is in early stage of concept development and is expected to be completed in 2024.


Hyperflair is the token that forms the smart contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain.


It is important to be aware of the anti -dump mechanics that are in place to protect those who invest in Hyperflair.


DEX’s determine the slippage percentage in its own back-end systems. It often creates a higher slippage percentage buffer to minimize the risk of failed transactions.


Manual Buy Back & Burn is a key component to maintain price stability for the future of Hyperflair.


The BUSD reward protocol is built on a dividend system. The more Hyperflair tokens you hold, the more you will earn.
A fee system exists that takes a portion from buy and sell orders, converts the portion of the fee to BUSD, and then automatically sends the BUSD to the dividend pool to reward (Flair) holders.


Marketing is important to maintain a presence in the crypto space and attract new users. Hyperflair obtains a 3% fee from buy and sell orders that goes toward marketing and a 1% fee towards the development fund.


The Hyperflair Yield Farm will allow users to stake LP pairs to earn tokens and earn passive yield income. Simply stake your Flair tokens and place them into a yield farm to earn additional passive income.

dApp with NFC

A dApp to allow payments of crypto currency through the new Apple Pay open architecture is in the roadmap. This will allow not just Flair token holders but a range of cryptocurrency holders to use our payments platform over the massive and global EFTPOS Network. More details about the exciting Flair NFC payments for iPhone will be added soon.


A Governance protocol to allow community members to vote on the platform will be introduced, the development team however, will have a fair percentage of the voting pool as they have the insight on what is working well on Hyperflair to attract customers and increase the token price.


The smart contract will not be renounced and remain open to develop and build new applications for the Hyperflair eco system.
Having an open and ownable smart contract does come with greater responsibility, where a high-level trust is placed upon the core development team to make the right decisions.

Consultation with the wider Hyperflair community is always conducted prior to any major decision-making process that may have significant outcomes for token holders.


The smart contract security audit when successfully completed will be published on the website.
Time zone: WST.


Email: team@hyperflair.io
Website: https://hyperflair.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hyperflair_
Telegram: https://t.me/hyperflair
Discord: https://discordapp.com/users/955604588508110959
Medium: https://medium.com/@hyperflair



Hyperflair token, NFT’s. Staking and Pools

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